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PREA News - February 2017
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foundation for the pure spanish horse

P.R.E. Mundial
The P.R.E. Registry in America


foundation for the pure spanish horse



PREA / P.R.E. Mundial Registry News

NOTE: Updated DATE and LOCATION INFO (as of 2.15.2017) - CLICK HERE


The P.R.E. Mundial Registry is pleased to announce that the Honorable Coronal F. Javier Velázquez Rivera will be conducting our Spring Revision Tour.

Colonel F. Javier Velázquez Rivera can point to a distinguished career of many years in the Cría Caballar. Now retired, he has been The Professor of the Cría Caballar Course for Military Officers, Captain in Chief of the Livestock Squadron of the General Military Academy of Zaragoza, and Professor of Equitation at the same location.

He has been Commandant in Chief of Livestock at the Yeguada Militar, and the Mare Station in Jerez. Colonel Velázquez Rivera has also served as Lieutenant Colonel Delegate of the Cría Caballar of Cadiz and Huelva.

He has been an International Judge of P.R.E. Horses and has judged Shows of Carriages in Sevilla and Jerez. He was Professor of Equitation in the Viña Acevedo Equine Classroom in Ceuta, Professor of the First Course for Judges of Hispano-Arabe Horses and Professor of the Revision Practices for the Masters of Equine Techniques of the Veterinary School of Cordoba. Colonel Velázquez was also a member of the Tribunal for P.R.E. Qualified Reproducers.

Colonel Velázquez was the first Delegate of P.R.E. Mundial Registry Services in Spain and now serves as the head of all of our Delegates in Spain. He is a courageous Advocate for the P.R.E. Internationally, and we feel fortunate to have him express his global attitude through the P.R.E. Mundial Registry.

SIGN UP: Reserve your spot for 2017 Spring Revision and have your Horse analyzed by the famous Colonel Velázquez! Contact Miriam at 505.294.0800, or or

REVISION SITES: The following Revision Sites have already been established and can host Your Horses also: Dallas TX, Houston, TX, Phoenix, AZ, Tucson, AZ, Southern CA and Mid CA, and Ft. Lauderdale, FL.

For Updated DATE and LOCATION INFO (as of 2.15.2017),

There is a Minimum Requirement of 5 Horses to be Inscribed or Revised at each Site. If you would like to Host a Site, please contact Miriam Gonzalez at 505.294.0800, or

Note: It is also possible to have a Private Revision by paying for the travel expenses of the Judge to go to Your Site.

HORSES ELIGIBLE: Horses Eligible for Revision must have their P.R.E. Mundial Carta, and be three years old. It is possible to Inscribe and Revise your Horse at the same time.

For information about the Process and what is Required, please contact Miriam at or visit our Registry Services Page HERE (it lists info regarding both Inscription and Revision among our other Services).

IALHA HORSES: Horses with IALHA (S) Registrations are still being included into the P.R.E. Mundial Registry and may be Revised upon getting their P.R.E. Mundial Carta. For special, inexpensive pricing available to our IALHA friends please contact


Revision is an essential procedure for a Breeder and is the basis for establishing a good Breeding Program.
P.R.E. Mundial Revision is conducted by Expert Judges with years of experience in the Breed who have to pass rigorous exams.
During Basic Revision, your Horse is compared to the Morphological Ideal for the Breed Standard.
During Basic Revision the Horse is evaluated and measured standing still .
During Basic Revision the Horse's three gaits are evaluated.
You will receive a Score Sheet outlining the Best and Weakest Morphological Parts of your Horse.
When your Horse is "apto" or accepted he/she has Permission to Breed.
Offspring admitted into the P.R.E. Mundial Registry must have Revised Parents.*
P.R.E. Mundial Revision will Increase the Value of your Horse.
For more information about P.R.E. Mundial Revision please visit our web page -
Revision FAQs

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