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Spanish Treasure Hunt 2017

The Educational Rite of Passage I received through Spain was the most dazzling Trip I have ever been a part of after flying around the world as a flight attendant for 17 years.

It started with roots of olive trees planted thousands of years before sharing the land with the Horse. The historic cities with the Cathedral and Mosques were like walking back in time. The history lesson of the towns and the P.R.E. from Maria O'Brien made this trip past exceptional and put it in a category of magnificent and amazing for me.

One of my favorite parts of the Trip was watching how Humans and Horses evolved through the centuries with the different types of Rulers. There is something about the P.R.E. Horse in history that brings more to Spain than any building ever could. They are God's most beautiful creatures and I am now on a quest to help preserve and endorse the Breed. Thank you for sharing God's Treasure with us Maria.

I went on this trip for my 50th Birthday Present. Also, my Horse Silver Star II a.k.a. Apollo, the great grandson of The Lone Ranger's Horse, went to be with The Lord in August of 2016. He was an American White Belgium/Quarter Horse cross. He was all white with God given black eye liner. He was the most beautiful Horse on the planet and he would glow in the sun! Cinderella would have been honored to have owned my horse. His all around ability, personality and beauty could not be met until this trip. This trip was the first time a Horse took my breath away since.

The P.R.E. Andalusian has captured a spirit of my heart; I will never let go. There is a fullness to them you do not find in other breeds. There is a true majesty around them. They have a presence you cannot find in other horses. They know they are set apart by the way they carry themselves with their strength and agility. They have a willingness to work, a spirit of love, compassion, and they are the most beautiful Horse in the world.

There is a wellness among the P.R.E. Horses I find exceptional. They love interacting with people. They exude excellence, strength, mobility, and majesty with a willingness to interact with humans at their most vulnerable stages in life. This shows me their strength and courage to carry themselves and their owners well into the future. I give thanks for the blessings I received from being able to partake of such majesty.

As we continued our Tour through the Spanish Countryside we were blessed to visit many Farms. Each Farm had their own beautiful Horses. It was delightful to be able to experience the expertise and knowledge I acquired while visiting. I learned many reasons why the P.R.E. are set apart from all of the other horses in the world. Being able to experience their strength under saddle was the best! What amazing rides I had. Flying lead changes skipping down the diagonal, passage, piaffe, shoulder in, haunches in, and all with such little effort.

The P.R.E. is now My Favorite Breed! I believe that these Horses have captured our quest for the Perfect Horse.

Just when I thought the trip could not get any better, we went the to The Royal Andalusian School of Equestrian Art and The Jerez Horse Fair. This Fair is one of the most fun events I have ever been a part of. You see the most beautiful Horses and people all dressed in their finest; having fun, laughing and enjoying and admiring each other's treasures. This trip was by far the most Awesome Adventure I have ever been on.

Maria was the most caring Host I have ever met, with the most loving heart a person could have. I was moved by her majesty as well. Thank You Maria!

- Deborah W. Maurer

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