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carta mundial cover   carta mundial cover

Fantasia Del C and Daughter Gozosa SCS Thrill at BreyerFest 2017

Most adult horsemen can tell stories about their love for horses even when they were children. Helping to promote that experience is Breyer®, a company that manufactures miniature resin Horses to resemble the real thing.

Sarah Shechner was thrilled to learn that her two horses, Fantasia Del C and Gozosa SCS were going to be representing the P.R.E. Breed with a mid-year release as a mare and foal pair.

The pair can be purchased as a set anywhere Breyer® Horses are sold, or online HERE.

Sarah indicated that the models are beautifully designed, and even have their Breeders' Brands on them. Fantasia was bred by Barbara Currie of Oak Hill P.R.E. in Agoura, CA. Gozosa was bred by Sarah herself (Origin P.R.E.).

Sarah decided to take the mother daughter pair to BreyerFest 2017 as a part of the Celebration of her Horses representing the Breed with the models. They left Los Angeles, CA and traveled to the famous Kentucky Horse Park in Lexington where BreyerFest is held. The event took place the weekend of July 14.

"BreyerFest is so wonderful!" Sarah says "It is full of thousands of horse crazy adults and children. We answer a lot of questions and teach people about the Pure Spanish Horse. Everyone was amazed that the filly was born bay and turned a lovely dapple gray as an adult.

We autographed hundreds of models for people as well as having people take selfies with the horses. The horses totally loved it since we let the children give them cookies. Once a day we performed in-hand in the Covered Arena to Spanish Flamenco music.

Yassine El Ouahhaby was their Trainer / Handler. Yassine recently handled Vagabundo XX to his World Championship at SICAB in 2016.
Fantasia performed to this beautiful song: CLICK to Listen.
This was the music we used for Gozosa: CLICK to Listen.

Sarah continued "The most amazing part of it for me was how many horse crazy children there were who were so excited to be able to be in the stalls to have their pictures taken and feed the mares cookies. It was also wonderful to see so many different breeds in one place.

The event was full of fun horse things for children and adults of all ages. The displays and what people did with the various models was amazing. It was a real celebration of the horse." So what is next for Fantasia and Gozosa? How can you possibly keep them in the barn once they have been to BreyerFest?

"In the future both horses are going to be shown in Dressage. Gozosa is only five so she is starting this year at training level - her sire Dominante XXIX is showing at Grand Prix. Gozosa will likely eventually be shown in Morphology, to follow in her mother's hoofprints as she matures. She was a lanky teenager, but is now developing into a lovely young mare. I'm excited to see what the future will hold for both Horses."

To learn more about the adventures of Sarah's Horses you can follow them on:
FaceBook HERE, or on the Origin P.R.E. Website HERE.

> See More BreyerFest Photos Below

carta mundial cover   carta mundial cover
Some Spanish Looking Models   Sarah Answering Questions at the Stalls
carta mundial cover   carta mundial cover
The Mares Making Kids Happy   Sarah at Stalls with Fantasia and Gozosa
carta mundial cover    
Yassine El Ouahhaby - Trainer/Handler    


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