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16-Day Affordable Trip Through Spain

JOIN US! You Know You Want to Go to Spain!

Learn about the History and Origins of the P.R.E.. You might even fall in love and bring Your Own Dream Horse home with you.

Please Note: 2.2.2017 - MORE UPDATES!! Click for MORE Tour Details
(Dates, Hotels, Activities, etc.)

Bring Your Friends! Reserve Your Seats on the Tour! Enjoy the Best of Spain!

This Trip will explore the best Breeding Farms in Spain along with Historical Sites, amazing Performances with Spanish Horses, and great Shopping opportunities.

We will meet at the main railroad station in Madrid (Atocha) at noon on May 8 and then start our 16-day Adventure through Spain. (Click on the "MORE Tour Details" Link above.)

If you would like to find that "Perfect Horse" this is the Trip for you. You can try out many different Horses at the various Breeding and Training Farms we will be visiting but be forewarned. You will fall in love with many of them! After all they are Pure Spanish Horses.

For more information contact Maria O'Brien at: or call The Foundation Office at 505.294.0800 to Make Your Reservation.

Churros and chocolate in the morning; Sangria in the afternoon; jamon and tapas in the evening along with Spanish Horses; are all waiting for you! Make Your Reservation Today!

> Important Trip Info

After you sign up, you will pay a fee for the transportation around Spain and the tickets into the various Historical Venues. At this time we are still establishing that fee. You will pay for your transportation to and from Spain. We book your hotels at a Group Rate but you pay for them individually, and also pay for your meals individually. Most breakfasts come with the hotels and many times the breeders provide us with lunch. If you share a room the cost is of, course, reduced substantially.

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