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A Dream Ride at the Andalusian World Cup

It was Señorito's first show. It was his Rider's first competitive ride in a Pure Spanish Horse Show. It was the Owner's first time having a Horse at a Show when she wasn't riding.

But it wasn't the first time a Spanish Horse brought people together.

Mary McDonough purchased Señorito CIII as her personal riding horse. She knew that buying a young, green horse was a gamble. But there was something in the young colt's eye, something that reminded her of her treasured first PRE, Oriental III.

Mary's trainer, Yassine El Ouahhaby, understood who the rider was to be, what weight the horse was to carry, and what gentle hands would eventually guide him. So he chose his assistant, Mia Kerr, to ride Señorito. Mia, the tall, beautiful, former model who had recently given up her modeling career to return to her first love - Horses.

With Yassine at the helm, the Presentation in-hand for Morphology was textbook perfect.

Then came Mia's ride. Marked by elegance, nuance, flawlessness, she rode the test without a single error. Upon finishing the pattern, she threw her arms around Señorito's neck. As she left the arena, she looked toward the spectator stands. Over 20 adults - her parents, grandparents, sister and friends‚Äîstood cheering and crying. They had just witnessed a dream come true. They saw love, pure joy, and pride emanating from a young woman on a young horse.

The joy of Mia's ride reminded everyone in the audience that the Spanish Horse is more than a mere animal. Much more.

This majestic being Unites us all through its Nobility and Generosity.

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