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carta mundial cover

Mastering Morphology for the Show Ring
with SICAB Winner Yassine El Ouahhaby

Please Check Back for Rescheduled Dates. Thank You.
(Multiple CA Rainstorms & Flooding Previously Delayed this Clinic.)

Clinic will be held in Agoura, CA at Oak Hill Ranch. Space is still available!

If interested in participating, Contact The Foundation Now at 505.294.0800 or email

We are thrilled to announce that the Handler / Rider who made Vagabundo XX Champion of the World at SICAB 2016 will be doing a Series of Clinics for The Foundation in 2017.

This is the first Clinic of 2017 conducted by Yassine El Quahhaby.

This Clinic will focus on preparing a Horse for a Halter Class, presenting a Horse in the class, and how to Ride and prepare for Functionality. Costs will be announced shortly.

His schedule is going to fill up fast! If you are interested in hosting or putting together a Clinic with Yassine El Quahhaby in your area, please let us know as soon as possible.

Yassie is available to present Clinics throughout the USA. Contact The Foundation at 505.294.0800 or email

He is also a Grand Prix Dressage Rider / Trainer who has trained many Champions, and has an affinity for riding P.R.E. Mares. In fact, he was the person who rode the first Mare ever to win a Functionality Title!

Yassie discovered Quelidona De Ymas and talked the Owners into letting him train the Mare for riding. In 2010 she not only won Functionality, but she won Absolute Champion of Movement!

If you have a P.R.E. Mare you are riding or would like to ride... Yassie is your man!

You can see Yassie ride at the CDI in Las Vegas January 4-7, 2017. In the USA he trains with Sabine Schut-Kery. Naturally he will be riding P.R.E. Horses!

** The Foundation apologizes to Christina Danguillecourt for the use of the photo in the previous issue of this newsletter without approval from the Yeguada de Ymas and its owner Ms. Danguillecourt. It was not the intention of The Foundation to imply a connection between Yassine El Ouahhaby and the Yeguada de Ymas. It was, instead, what we believed to be an exceptional example of a marvelous P.R.E. mare, owned by Yeguada de Ymas, a mare who is the first mare to win a Functionality title in Spain. Our apologies to Ms. Danguillecourt for implying that there was a continuing connection between Mr. El Ouahhaby and the Yeguada de Ymas.

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