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When you have ghosts you call Ghost Busters. When you don't want your Horse, you can CALL THE FOUNDATION AT 505.294.0800.

It happened again in December and January! People gave their horses to traders and others who promised to take good care of them but we had to rescue them from the kill buyers.

We rescued SIX of these in the last few weeks, all purebreds, all going to be slaughtered inhumanely outside of the USA.

The cost of this is HUGE! It took over $11,000 to make sure these horses were saved from the kill lots, received veterinary care, and got through the necessary 30 days of quarantine.

It took only three weeks for one of the horses to go from a healthy weight to skin and bones at the lot of a horse trader who was not feeding her properly. She also needed a lot of veterinary care from being beat up by the other horses she was placed with. She is safe now and getting the care she needs and deserves.

HOW YOU CAN HELP. PLEASE DO NOT send your horses to an auction, give them to horse traders, or leave them in the care of unproven people.

Call The Foundation if you need Help. It is so much more cost effective for us to place a horse directly in a loving home than to have to spend thousands on vet care and rehab costs. And, it is not fair to the horse!

You can also Help if you have a loving home for an animal that is older and can not be bred or ridden.

You can Help by donating some of your hard earned money to the Rescue Fund so we can help every Spanish Horse and their relatives in need.

You can Help by making sure your horses never have to go through this experience. Please make plans for the care of your horses before something happens to you either physically or financially. Make plans for your horse's retirement too. If you need help or suggestions you can contact us at 505.294.0800. We have lots of solutions for you!

Thank You for reading this article and sending it to everyone of your Horse Buddies for their planning too!

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