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Rescue Program

The Foundation's Secret Mission

IMPORTANT!! If you do rescue a horse that has been underfed please consult your Veterinarian before feeding the starved horse more than a bit of hay. Below is a guide that UC Davis put out you can read to inform you of the problems horses have that are in this condition and how to bring them back to health without experiencing any problems. CLICK TO READ GUIDE

This Horse Not Raised for Slaughter!
The Equine Welfare Committee headed by Tashina Heiser has approved an anti-slaughter sales contract devised by Foundation Life Trustee and P.R.E. Horse Angel, Mary Adams.
CLICK HERE for the Anti-Slaughter Sales Contract.

Watchman PRE places ad to encourge you to donate to Rescue Program.
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UCCE & Foundation Join Forces To HELP The P.R.E. HORSE! Rescue Program Now for Both the U.S. & Spain.

Please read the following for Current Breed News and Urgent Needs.

Click to Read and AP News Item on the Plight of our P.R.E. Horses in Spain.

The Foundation for the Pure Spanish Horse is working closely with the largest breeder's association in Spain, UCCE, to help horses of our breed. UCCE can be reached by emailing to The president of UCCE, Leo Fernandez, was quoted in the article above released by the Associated Press.

If you can Help, please consider Making a Donation. Click here to access our Donation Page.

We also have a serious situation in the USA with unwanted Spanish horses. Because of your generous donations we have been able to ensure that all Spanish Horses we know of in the USA have been helped. Our work is far from done. Please help us ensure that every Spanish Horse has a good home and continue to support our Rescue efforts

If you are interested in Horse Adoption, you can fill out an Adoption Application (form located at the bottom of this page).
Thank You!

The Foundation is about the Horse and only the Horse.

Nowhere is this more evident than in the Rescue Program. Since its inception eight years ago, it has very quietly and without any promotion helped Pure Spanish Horses (P.R.E. Horses) in need. These gallant and worthwhile actions have been undertaken by only those directly involved in the process, without any sort of Recognition for their Good Deeds. It is sometimes a very costly process to Rescue a Horse in need and find a loving home to take care of it for the rest of its life, but one which The Foundation is completely dedicated to preserve.

The P.R.E. Horse community in our country is very small and because there are such negative connotations to the word Rescue, The Foundation has chosen to provide this Service on a Confidential basis. There is no blame, no condemnation, and no disgrace ever assigned to anyone who asks for assistance with their Horse or Horses. There is only Help.

Many times the word Rescue does not really apply. The Foundation receives some Horses who are quite healthy, in good flesh, and just need a place to live in retirement or simply need to serve us in a different way. This process is more of a placement service for people who love this breed and want the best for their Horses.

In a recent survey done by a California Rescue, less than half of the 157 Equine Rescue Groups were registered with the IRS, even though they all advertised having non- profit status and actively collected donations. The element of Trust is implied but not realized in many organizations. The Foundation has worked very diligently and purposely at becoming a Trusted and Honorable Organization that serves our breed. It is because of this that we are the first thing people think of when they need assistance with their Horses. We are Proud of this and Pledge to continue serving the needs of our wonderful Horse. You would be amazed at how many Horses The Foundation has helped in its years of history.

It should be realized that we NEVER become involved in Forced Rescue. That is accomplished by different legal entities in each state. We will assist only when asked.

If you can no longer Care for or Meet the Needs for your Horse, let us know and we will do our best to assist you.
All efforts are Confidential. Contact the office in Albuquerque at 505.294.0800 or

If you would like to Help out and offer a home or financial assistance to a Horse in need, please also contact the office in Albuquerque at 505.294.0800 or

You can provide Financial Help by becoming a Member or making a direct Contribution.

If you can provide a wonderful home for a Horse in need, please fill out the Adoption Form below and send it to:
The Foundation Office at 115 Elm Street NE, Albuquerque, NM 87102.

We will keep your Application on file and Contact you if there is a Horse that matches your Generosity.

Download Adoption Form here Download Horse Donation Form here