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Spanish Stud Book

March 22, 2017 NEWS - Changes in Breed Standards for the P.R.E. Horse have been determined by the Ministry of AG in Spain.

You may View / Download Breed Changes from the following Documents.

3.22.2017 - LG MAPA Resolution (in Spanish & English)

3.22.2017 - LG Appendix I Breed Standards (in English & Spanish)

3.22.2017 - LG Appendix II Breed Improvements (in English & Spanish)


Prior News

Spanish Stud Book information is available on-line. To access the information go to

You must register on the Gescabonline site to have access to the data there. Once you are at the Gescab site, click the PRE Button. Now Type the registration number or name of the horse you are looking for in the "Codigo" or "Nombre" field at the top; then hit the"return" key. Click on the name of the horse you are looking for. The horse's page will appear with it's D.O.B., sex, coat color, breeder, owner, parents, microchip and revision status. Below that data there are shortcuts to the tabs at the top of the page for information on the horses' show results (Concursos/Meritos), offspring (Hijos), siblings (Hermanos) and genealology (Árbol).

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