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The Foundation for the Pure Spanish Horse lists many Equestrian Events Worldwide.
Clinics, Seminars, Revision Schedules, Exhibitions, Meetings, Socials, Trips, etc. are listed for You and Your Horse. Join In!


ONGOING - View Ongoing Events (both In Person or via FaceTime!)

NOTE: Dates pending due to Continuing RAIN!

Check Back for Rescheduled Dates

Clinic with Champion Rider Yassine El Quahhaby


Event to be held in Agoura, CA at Oak Hill Ranch. Space still available!
For more Info or if you wish to sign up, Contact The Foundation at 505.294.0800 or

APRIL 2017

April 1-2
Doma Vaquera, Garrocha & Rejoneo Play Day
Event by Manuel Trigo to be held at El Caballo Rey, 5723 E Yucca Rd, Cave Creek, AZ 85331.
Just for fun. Come and ride with passion having fun. If dressage is ballet, this is Flamenco! Ole! This is what you have been waiting for! Have fun, you and your horse and learn the skills of the use of the Garrocha and the training of the horse for Rejoneo (Fighting Bull) with the carreton.
For more Info, contact Dominique R. Trigo 720-320-7252 or
You may also contact Manuel Trigo 720-320-2513

April 1-2
ERAHC Clinic with Mercedes Gonzalez Cort
Event Sponsored by ERAHC. Will be held in Caldwell, TX.
For more Info, contact Ruth Riegel at

April 13-28
Event Sponsored by The Foundation. Revision will be held at various sites in Arizona, California, and Texas. For Date and Location Info, CLICK HERE.
For more Info or to Register, contact Miriam at 505-294-0800 or

April 28
End of Season Party
Event by Manuel Trigo to be held in Arizona.
Last weekend of the Arizona Season will finish with the new Show of El Caballo REY Students and our "goodbye" party.
Click for Arizona 2017 Season Schedule
For more Info, contact Manuel Trigo 720-320-2513

April 29-30
Showmanship Clinic
Event by Manuel Trigo to be held in Arizona.
A new clinic of a new kind. Learn the skills and preparation to be a good showman. How to prepare your exhibition for your next competition. How to work with music, to prepare a free style or how show horses
in-hand in the most advanced exercises of classical dressage. How to handle stress and keep the horse relaxed. A lot to learn...
Click for Arizona 2017 Season Schedule
For more Info, contact Manuel Trigo 720-320-2513

MAY 2017

May 8-21
2017 Tour of Spain
Event Sponsored by The Foundation. Basic info & UPDATES Here.
For more information contact Maria O'Brien at: or call The Foundation Office at 505.294.0800 to Make Your Reservation.


Monday - Thursday
FaceTime Private Riding Lessons Lesson Info
Lessons held Anywhere You Are!
For more info or to register, contact Manuel Trigo 720-320-2513

Sunday Afternoons

The Santa Fe In Synch Drill Team  
Safety, fun and learning for all! Learn great training patterns and safely expose your horse to riding in a group in a progressive way. Focus on quality walk work initially, tempo, individual control, group cohesion, spacing (farther apart in beginning until riders and horses acquainted), communication, then movements become more complex: trot and canter are introduced as appropriate.
At Santa Fe Equestrian Center (formerly The Horse Park), Sunday afternoons bi-monthly. Also by arrangement at your barn with 4 rider minimum. $30 - $20 based on what you can pay w/ SFEC $20 facility fee. Call or email for more information. 505-231-5353 or

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The Pure Spanish Horse is also known as the Iberian Horse or the Spanish Andalusian Horse.